I am currently working on my PhD thesis in the Visual Information Analysis Group of Prof. Dr. Heike Leitte. My thesis deals with investigating how to exploit topological information for the visualization of complex multivariate data sets. See below for a list of my publications and other materials.

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Research interests

I am interested in investigating how to use methods from algebraic topology to support the analysis of multivariate data. Since multivariate, unstructured point clouds are very common in domains such as biology and climate research, there are many potential applications for this kind of research. For my PhD, I am mainly using persistent homology as a tool for describing a data set. I also have a general interest in algebraic & differential topology—both fields contain a wealth of potentially useful tools for visualization!

Most recently, I started thinking about how the analysis of several competing predictive models for scalar functions on multivariate data sets can be improved by a visualization based on persistent homology. Prior to that, I developed new topology-based visualizations for analysing data from the German Climate Computing Centre. In joint work with Jens Fangerau among others), we used fractal curves to support the analysis of several thousands of cell lineage trees from zebrafish embryonic development. Together with Hubert Mara and Heike Leitte, I also introduced a new workflow for multivariate data analysis in the domain of cultural heritage.

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Please find a list of my preprints below. Whenever possible, I try to provide a BibTeX file for citing the publication as well as the slides corresponding to the paper. If neither a preprint nor slides are available but you still want to read the publication, please drop me a line to bastian@rieck.ru—it is possible that I am only allowed to share a publication privately.


Persistent Homology in Multivariate Data Visualization
Bastian Rieck
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Persistence Concepts for 2D Skeleton Evolution Analysis (extended abstract)
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Hierarchies and Ranks for Persistence Pairs
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‘Shall I compare thee to a network?’—Visualizing the Topological Structure of Shakespeare’s Plays
Bastian Rieck and Heike Leitte
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Exploring and Comparing Clusterings of Multivariate Data Sets Using Persistent Homology
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Bastian Rieck and Heike Leitte
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Der “Gesprengte Turm” am Heidelberger Schloss – Untersuchung eines Kulturdenkmals mithilfe hoch auflösender terrestrischer Laserscans
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Denkmalpflege in Baden-Württemberg, Nachrichtenblatt der Landesdenkmalpflege, Heft 3-2013, S. 165–168.

Unwrapping Highly-Detailed 3D Meshes of Rotationally Symmetric Man-Made Objects
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Smoothness analysis of subdivision algorithms
Master’s Thesis, Heidelberg University. Advised by Susanne Krömker and Heike Leitte. (BibTeX)
You may also be looking for psalm, a small implementation of different subdivision algorithms.


Here are some of my more-or-less public talks.